Professionally tracking site progress and allocated resources with a digital site diary

Operations managers of Building Restoration and Conservation companies who requirea professional site diary solution, can benefit from professional mobile digital site diary application.

Khaldon Evans, Script&Go’s International Marketing Manager for Site Diary, asked Ivan Farrugia at Maltese firm, Vaults Co Ltd, a Building Restoration and Conservation specialist, to answer a few questions on use of the app. Highlights from the conversation are reported here.

Ivan explained that as Operations Manager, one of his daily tasks is that of “assigning resources to different job sites and trying to visit each site on a daily basis.”

He said that Vaults Co. Ltd has successfully used the Site Diary app “on each project undertaken by the company since 2016” being “in the region of 22 projects.”

Ivan said Vaults Co. Ltd needed a digital site diary as, they sought a cloud-based system that was easily accessible through both mobile and desktop devices and through which information could be centralised and shared easily between users.

The principal reasons Ivan gave for choosing Site Diary, were that:

  • the free “trial period helped them assess the system on offer”
  • the system was“what they were after”
  • “price wise the system was within budget.”

He cited reasons for ranking it above solutions available and being inspired to choose it as being it’sprice, user friendliness as well as the ease of use of it.

Ivan revealed it’s changing the way Vaults Co Ltd works, as it can assist in tracking site progress more easily and keeping track of resources allocated. He said that it has helped them to“be more professional.”

When asked what the one thing that he believed is missing from the current Site Diary that would make it truly the best diary for him and his team he said that “push notifications when a new report is created by another user” could be useful.

The site diary application can be installed on a Windows PC and deployed on multi-OS devices, tablets or smartphones, for use by operation managers and site workers, in the office or in the field as needed. For further details of the Site Diary app and the opportunity to trial it for yourself you can contact Script&Go.