A streamline flow of information between all features


Accessible anywhere on any device

A web app for office teams to set up projects and track progress and a mobile app on smartphone and tablet as a daily driver for field workers Also accessible without internet / 4G connection

How it works events Site Diary
How it works edit task Site Diary
Real time synchronisation between all devices

Create and setup your company space

User depending on their user rights can have access to multiple spaces if they are invited by the admin of a space.

Team management Site Diary
Invite your team to join the project

Space manager



And even more

How it works task management Site Diary

Create task and follow progress

All logs created in the task will be viewable in the diary module A diary log added from a task will report progress and real assets used

How it works New task Site Diary
Add a diary log from the task

Time recorded for labours automatically fill the timesheet

See real assets, time and quantity of resources

Select your labour

Add contractor


Have a detailed diary

A diary log can be linked to a task. Some datas will be automatically prefilled on what was written in the planned resources of the task The diary module can function without the task management module

User can create a diary log on anything
How it works event list Site Diary
Weather report is automatically recorded with every diary entry
How it works add tag Site Diary

Export or share your reports

Export your reports via PDF, Excel documents or CSV Use filters to see a particular diary or entry task

How it works event details Site Diary
Share a single diary entry via email for the mobile app