Here is why a task app is beneficial

Quickly see all on-going, completed and over-due task

Better organization of project and its activities

Clearly see and know why project is behind and over budget

Accurate tracking of man hours based on their daily task

Setting up project task hasn’t been simplier

Equipe your team with all the information they need to perform their task of the day

Features task management Site Diary

Quick activity setup

We made the site diary app easy for you to record on event / observation / delivery in as little as 1 minute 20 secondes.

Create and assign task in advance. Assign a task to multiple people
Monitor the progress of each task status (not started, in progress, completed, approved)
Activities are automatically recorded in the diary
Features task management mobile Site Diary

Simple mobile app for field teams

Quickly see all the task assigned to you
Create and assign task in seconds
Automatic tracking of the time spend on a task