Grosvenor construction site diary benefits

Diary app that helps contracts manager to follow progress of all major contacts, compile and present progress reports at monthly meetings.

Recently, Khaldon Evans from Site Diary has been in an interview with Will Jones. Will Jones is the contracts manager of Grosvenor Construction Ltd and what Will does on a daily basis involves following the progress of all major contacts, he compiles and presents progress reports at monthly meetings. Also, Will is in charge with supporting and assisting regular site management visibility duties.

Of course, in his job, many challenges arise on a daily basis too. As a result, Will needed to search for a digital site diary to be able to bring solutions to his challenges in terms of what construction site meant to bring along to his position with Grosvenor Construction Ltd. The way, Will took the necessity for employee time management and meaningful site information storage to a different level by acquiring the Site Diary app.

When asked by Khaldon what convinced Will to buy Site Diary, he replied that Site Diary has a time sheet link which appeared to be very attractive especially suiting their needs.

Of course, it’s key to explain that when you adopt new technology, there is an understanding process we face up until getting familiar with new gadgets. Adapting to our digital site diary was very easy for Will Jones and his team, especially Site Diary was easily accepted by Will’s site managers who are primary users of this digital app.  The advantages Will talked about with Khaldon regarding Site Diary and what it’s brought to him and his team were pretty much focused on the great storage capacity for images and the fact that Site Diary helped them avoid usage of their network system. It’s true, Site Diary is that compact!

According to Will, Site Diary is an excellent app, and easy to populate for the team. On the opposite note, there’s always opportunity to make things better, what Will suggested, was that Site Diary has only one thing to improve, which is the time management links for their HR and Accounts team.