A digital site diary app allows a managing director to keep tabs on what has happened on site

A mobile digital site diary application clearly benefits managing directors who need to manage and keep an eye on sites. Khaldon Evans, Script&Go’s International Marketing Manager for Site Diary, approached Alan Staddon to answer a few questions on the use of the site diary app by groundworks contractor, Staddon Groundworks. Highlights from this conversation are reported here.

Alan explained to Khaldon that he is the owner and Managing Director of Staddon Groundworks. He said he used it for “anything from variations, to keeping tabs of who is on site or deliveries that turn up on site.”

He has successfully used the Site Diary app powered by Script&Go for various projects, including “one site in Topsham, Exeter and the other in Crediton, Exeter.”

Alan said that Staddon Groundworks needed a digital site diary as, as using the app on a smartphone “is very handy, as a paper diary has to be carried around, then gets muddy and wet.”

The main reason Alan gave for Staddon Groundworks choosing Site Diary was:

  • when teams are split up, it enables him to manage and keep an eye on sites.

Alan cites the main advantages as being:

  • easy to use
  • informative
  • quick
  • weather app
  • easy to keep track of plant

When asked how difficult it was for the site to adapt to the digital diary he said “after some password niggles and learning how to use it properly, it is now a breeze, very user-friendly.”

He also said he had looked at others but it “seemed the best.”

Christopher revealed it’s changing the way Staddon Groundworksoperates, as he uses it “for keeping tabs on what has happened” and that “it has helped alot in that way.” He also did not feel that there was anything missing from the current app.

Installable on a Windows PC, the application can be used on multi-OS devices, tablets or smartphones, by him and his operatives, in the office or field as needed.

Further details of Site Diary and the opportunity to trial it for yourself are available from Script&Go.