Site Diary cost reduction

The multiple productivity benefits of using Site Diary, including cost savings

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The Site Diary web app and mobile app by Script&Go provides a raft of benefits beyond cost-savings for its users. Discover some of these here…

Site overview & weather app

The managing director of Groundworks company describes how “when teams are split up, Site Diary enables me to manage and keep an eye on sites”, plus the weather app is good.

Real-time progress & issue tracking

A manager of 10 civil engineers describes how Site Diary “allowed me to keep track of construction progress and emerging issues in real time so that I can provide Manager-level support for my field staff from an informed perspective based on detailed reports by staff.”

Time-saving for activity logging

A director of a design and build company explains that Site Diary “saves me having to write daily activities in a diary. Days are alot easier, I go to each site, type with just my smartphone and record all the contractors and labours.”

Remote progress tracking & searchable database

The project manager of a civil engineering company says Site Diary is “a collaborative diary app that can be reviewed off site, a good stable app. It allowed us to track progress remotely and also get a reliable contemporary data entry that can easily be searched in the future.”

Creates free time & fast response

A consulting site manager responsible for health and safety describes how Site Diary “has enabled me to have more free time at the end of the day as all of the works are done during the working day. Also, I can get information back quicker and more effectively which translates to faster turnaround on site.”

Simple to use, weather reports, better than using Excel

An office manager with book-keeping, health and safety and general administration duties. Revealed that “it was simple to use and included the weather reports which meant that you could prove days when you were rained off and couldn’t work. It also is much more manageable than the excel version we were using.”

and finally…

Cost Saving

The significant return on investment (ROI) of using the Site Diary app can be easily determined by considering the minimum time saved using it per day by a single user, the overall number of users and their hourly rate, the overall time/cost saved and comparing the total cost saving against the cost outlay of the app.

Convinced of the benefits? Why not consider deploying Site Diary across your organisation. Reach out and contact us to discuss your needs for an enterprise offer today.