Latest Site Diary and Site Task updates

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At Script and go, when we launched Site Diary and Site Task one of our goals was to create products for our clients need that are always evolving according to different circumstances.
So we are happy to announce the following new updates in Site Diary and Site Task:

The ability to customise the site diary form

Every construction company and every construction project is unique working in different circumstances where the stakes are different. Hence the need for a customisable Site Diary Form. So from now onwards on Site Diary anyone with the supervisor right can customise their construction diary form. You will be able to:
• add fields (text, selectable list),
• remove fields, rename fields (for example Manpower to people)
• or remove things from a field (for example in the field Manpower, remove the time option)
The benefit ? Your construction site form will be tailored according to the reality of your construction site and will adapt according to the evolution of your construction site.

Watch this video to see how you can easily customise the Site Diary form :


The ability to say which fields you want to fill when registering

As soon as you register, with a few clicks you can customise your construction site diary according to the constraints and opportunities of your construction site. You can add and remove fields and sections according the specific details of your organisation. Once a custom form is created, it can then be saved as a default form for all the sites.

Watch this video to see how it works :

The ability to edit a reported progress Site Task

On the Site Task app users are able to report progress on a task from within the task app. Only users who are assigned to a task or users with supervisor rights can report progress on a task. They will be able to update the following progress information :
• Date (automatically today’s date)
Start time & End time
• Quantity done or percentage progress
• Manpower
• Photos
• Notes

Watch this video to see how it works :

New photo annotations feature to mark, draw, crop a photo

Taking a picture of some item of your construction site and sharing it is an effective way to communicate and get things done. So, on the mobile version of Site Task you can take a picture, if necessary crop it as well as add text and lines to it in any colour you want. You will therefore be able to mention to your construction team what the precise issue is, so that it is rectified.

Watch this video to learn more :

The ability to create a site on Site Task

You are using Site Task for multiple construction sites ? Well you can add a new construction site by using Site Task on your mobile phone. If you are a construction project manager you can create, assign and track tasks for better project organisation, allowing the field teams to see what they have to work on and office teams the visibility on progress giving insight into the project. Later, you can also access the web version of site task where your data will be synchronised into any device.

Watch this video to learn more :

So, login to the apps and discover the new updates.