Khaldon Evans - DCW 22

Join us at Digital Construction Week for some insightful talk on ignite digital innovation among Field Workers

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The Digital Construction Week is approaching. After a long hiatus due to the pandemic, on 18th & 19th May at ExCel London, construction professionals from around the world will be networking and signing deals.

But it is also a great opportunity to learn about new trends, solutions and technologies. And the Digital Construction Week organisers have lined up a series of thought-provoking talks  where thought-leaders and participants will ask incisive questions to get insightful answers. Ultimately helping us thrive in our professional endeavours and improve the construction industry and the build environment.

So, we are glad to announce that Khaldon Evans, our Product Manager for Site Diary will speak on the topic of how to ignite digital adaptation among field workers by keeping it simple. It is going to be a fun, educational and thought-provoking topic. Find out more here.

In his talk you will learn why the construction industry has been slow to innovate digitally and how construction companies can transform digitally to make themselves successful. You will also learn what does it look like to digitise the most basic functions first. As an example Khaldon will show you at the process involved with a site diary/record or construction log.

A key driver for the success of digital adoption lies in keeping things simple and practical. Unfortunately it is not the case in the construction industry. Historically, the construction industry or the built environment relied on paper-based processes. For example, printing site diary templates, taking notes at site locations or the end of the day, then transcribing those notes at the office before they are ready to be emailed to relevant parties. This process is outdated because it is time-consuming, riddled with inaccuracies, creates information silos and is cumbersome when disseminating information. It is also limited to written descriptions and does not include photographs, videos or other descriptive tools. Another flaw is inaccurate record-keeping because handwritten documents and emails are hard to find in a mass of mixed information. Making it hard to have daily records organised and secure for future use.

So, in his talk Khaldon Evans will highlight the challenges of digital adoption in the construction industry and some best practices on how to ignite digital innovation.

By the way, we want this talk to be an exchange of ideas, not just a one way flow of information. We learn as much from our users and clients. The feedback we receive helps us to innovate and improve Site Diary. So please do attend our talk. We will be present at stand N° DE27.