Best consctruction apps

Best construction apps of 2019 by category (updated)

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With so many construction apps to choose from, it can be time consuming to download an app then see if you like the app or if it solves your need. We have simplify this for you by listing all the best construction apps for 2019 base on the category.

Best health and safety app

Safety Meeting App

The Safety Meeting App is the only app that allows companies to record and track OSHA required safety meetings, accidents, incidents, near-misses, employee attendance, and much more from their phone, tablet, and computer.

Safety Meeting App does all of this:

  • Document Incident, Accidents, and Near-Misses
  • Group employees based on location, team, project, favorite
  • Use on Phone, Tablet, and Computer
  • Meets OSHA’s Required Meeting Laws
  • 950+ Pre-Written Safety Toolbox Topics
  • Works with popular Smart Phones and All Browsers
  • Print PDF Meeting/Incident/Near-Miss Reports

Best estimating and bidding app


Joist is a FREE tool for contractors that allows you to estimate, invoice, record, payments, and manage projects from anywhere. Send your client an estimate before you leave. Be the first to get an estimate in their hands, and give them the opportunity to say YES on the spot.


  • Easily calculate material & labor costs when estimating & invoicing
  • Build a list of commonly used items
  • Customize your estimates & invoices with your company info, logo, etc.
  • Attach a client contract and collect a signature directly on the spot
  • Attach photos to your estimates and invoices
  • Preview estimates & invoices before you send

Best daily report app

Site Diary

Mobile Site Diary replaces the existing paper site diary, daily reports or site journal, where field work make a report of things that occurred on their projects. By using a daily construction report app, you can save up to 60mins per day on this process. With Site Diary’s cloud-sync technology, when a team member creates a report, the information is synchronized with all team members instantaneously.

Key features:

  • real-time site progress and monitoring
  • export daily/weekly reports in pdf, csv and excel format
  • local weather report automatically included
  • Calculate the cost of your resources (labour & eavy equipement)
  • attached unlimited photos
  • offline availability
  • Manage team and project with web app

Best calculating app

Handyman Calculator

Complete construction calculator with simple inputs. The app for construction and DIY! Reduce Waste, Save Time and Money! Well tested by more than a million contractors and home owners! Top 100 productivity app.

Features are:

  • Time Tracking tool
  • To-do list
  • CutList calculator
  • Feet and inches calculator
  • Square footage calculator
  • Construction calculator
  • Measurement calculator

Best construction defects management app


BatiScript Lite app is stemming from the parent product BatiScript software. The app was specifically designed for subcontractors operating on the field with their smartphone. The application allows them to easily access, on the field, the information and instructions sent by the supervisor, and to take action more quickly.

Features of BatiScript:

  • Punch list
  • Dashboard
  • Control checklist
  • Reports
  • Plan storage and management

Best construction project management app

This Project Management App includes FREE training videos, software, articles and tips to help you manage your projects! It comes with all of the learning materials you need to boost your PM career, as well as project management software to help manage your projects from start-to-finish.

  • View the status of your projects
  • Know which tasks you have to complete today
  • See which tasks are coming up and which are late
  • Watch your colleagues project activities
  • Send messages to your team

Best construction time tracking app

Clock Shark

Track your time, generate timesheets, handle client billing, generate invoices, manage expenses and notes with Easy Tempus Ideal for freelancers, contractors or employees who need to keep track of their work – now with Pomodoro timer.

Timesheet Features:

  • Timer function or manual time entry
  • Countdown timer for Pomodoro technique
  • Ad Free
  • Record time against client, project and optionally task
  • Set project rate and overtime rate for invoicing purposes
  • Create timesheets in Excel/CSV report files
  • Create Excel Invoicesow with Pomodoro timer

Best construction task management app


Fieldwire connects your entire field team, from the project manager all the way down to each specialty contractor’s foreman, on one construction management platform. Making it effortless for anyone to view their drawings, schedule work and track their punch list while they are in the field.


  • Fast HD plan viewer (works offline)
  • Automatic hyperlinking & OCR
  • Automatic versioning with Box / Dropbox
  • Automatic sheet version control
  • Blueprint folders
  • Markups & annotations (Clouds, text, arrow…)

Best construction punch list app

KO Punchlist

Detailed punchlist items can be sorted, filtered and delivered in a variety of file types. Knock-out your interactive, professional, full-functioned punchlist before leaving the job site and close out your project on schedule.


  • Load your project documents into KO Punchlist and access them anytime
  • Export and share your projects in a variety of file types, including, .punchlist, PDF, excel, and zip folder that includes all referenced media files
  • Import and export files through a variety of integrated storage utility apps including, Google Drive,, OneDrive & Dropbox.
  • Merge your KO Punchlist projects with your team members’ punchlists
  • Search, sort and filter your line items