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Paper to Digital Construction Event Reporting

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It is the end of the day and the field worker wrote down all the occurrences on site for the day. He also recorded some contact information and other things related to the project the he is working on for quick referencing. Other members of the team are not aware of these events that were written down. So now, the field worker have to bring these information to the office for it to be reviewed and approved by the site supervisor. After which, he assign task to the various members of the team. This process takes time and cost money. On-site workers that uses paper diaries have to go through this process on a daily basis. With majority of construction workers either have a smartphone or tablet, we can use these devices to help them save time with their daily event reporting.

What is the solution?

Script&Go developed a mobile application called Site Diary to solve this problem that in the field construction workers face every day. Site Diary replaces the existing paper diaries, daily records or journals, where site engineers record events that occurred on their projects. These events that were recorded are synchronised in real-time with all members of the team, therefore, events can be approved quickly and issues can be resolved much faster.

No internet connection needed

We understand that networks can drop internet connection at any time and not all sites are located in areas with 4G/3G connections. That is why we made the Site Diary app available for offline usage. Therefore, the app will displays existing events and store any new events added. All the data will be synchronisation automatically once the worker is connected to the internet.

Who is Site Diary for ?

We developed SiteDiary to address the needs of field engineers, contractors and installation teams both large and small. Site Diary currently has over 1000 companies in more than 20 countries across the globe due to its user-friendly interface and ease of use. Our customers told us that they save up to 2% of contract costs through enhanced collaboration across the supply chain.

Additional Features

Site Diary doesn’t only used to generate custom reports but it is also collects data like weather conditions of the day at the site (recorded automatically), and photos. These data are automatically backed up and stored securely in the cloud, enabling collaboration between users on-site and in the office. Project leaders can see who has and who hasn’t done their diary for a given day.

We make event reporting on your field projects quicker, simpler, smarter.

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