Managing users in your organisation

User Management

Site Diary has made it easy for you to add people on your team. You can add as many people as possible by following these simple steps for the organisation screen.

Organization list

  • Click the “team” icon
  • Click the invite button in the bottom right of the screen
  • Enter the person’s email and click invite.
  • Give the user rights. There are three option, admin, manager and user. Learn more about user rights below.
See assigned Sites
Create new site

Manage users in organisation

See any site even if not assigned
Add global resources

The person will receive an email that will contain a link to where they can accept your invite and create an account.

Organization users

The dashboard will show all users in your organization. You will be able to also see when users last logged into the app (mobile or web app). You can manage user rights and delete a user if they no longer works with on your organization.

For team members with the user rights of manager or user, you will need to need to give them access to a site. To do so, follow these steps.

  • Select a site/project
  • Click on the “team” tab in the left menu
  • Click on “add” button in the bottom right of the screen to add the person you just invite.
  • Give the person a role on this site. It can either be a supervisor, member or viewer.

User Rights

All team members you invite will be given a user right. The table below will show what each user can do.

See own events
Create new events

Edit/delete own event (before approval)

See assigned task
See all events
See all task
Create/edit task
Approve / Reject an event (reject event with a comment)
Add resources in event form (labours, equipment, materials,  tags, contractors)

Edit/delete any event before approval
Manage team
Export reports
Edit/delete any event after approval

The ability for a Admin or Manager to edit a member’s diary entry. There will be a history of the date it was edited and who edited it. Note: Manager only can edit a diary entry before it’s been approved.Some key aspects of the user rights are:

  • When you reject an event, you will be asked to leave a comment for the reason why you are rejecting the event. The person who created the event will receive an email stated that their event was rejects by X user and the reason why it was rejected.