Other features

Attach photos

With each report, you can take photo(s) or attach an existing photo

Export reports

Through the back office, you can export a report in PDF or CSV file types


Every report entry is automatically linked with the prevailing weather conditions for that site at that time

Secure storage

All your data are stored on our secure server. Which means no worries about the data been lost or stolen

Cloud Sync

When a new report is created, it is synchronized with all team members instantaneously

Offline availability

You can create a new report or make changes to an existing report without the internet. All data will be synchronized when connected

Report location

Working on a big site? When filling out your report, you can put exactly where on the site you are (5th floor, room 3)

Customizable labour and plant

We understand that every site uses different plants and labour types. On each site you can add which plant and labour types you use


Our details (tags) feature allows you to add a tag(s) to each report for safety and other purposes

User management

You can add / remove people in your organization in just a few clicks.

Cost calculation

Calculate the cost of resources by using a cost/hr and the number of hours that was used with each resource.

Search and filters

Easily find old diary entries by using the search bar or the filters. You can filter by date, contractor, location, tag, and creator.