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In June 2017, Site Diary released a new version of its web application to simplify daily construction reports. With over 60% of construction workers still using the old paper and pen method, the adaptation to new digital construction apps has been slow even though there are clear benefits of using an app instead of paper. Our new web application aim is to make this transition from paper to digital seamless. Big steps have been made to ensure that this is the simplest and most intuitive way for our users to monitor their sites, manage their teams, create events and export reports.

What can you do with Site Diary’s web app?

  • Monitor site progress – With our cloud-base web application, project manager/team leaders can monitor the site progress from the office on their computer. Every event that is created in the field is synchronized in real-time with all the users who are connected to that site. The project manager can then approve the events that were recorded. Using the “Global Resources” tab, managers can predefine with resources (labour, equipment, and materials) they will need on a site.
  • Export Reports – There are many times when you will need to share information with the construction site owner or people outside the company. Site Diary gives the option to export three types of reports (PDF, CSV and Excel). The PDF summary report is a very nice document to present to clients or senior managers. The report is generated with the events that were created for that period and company information (logo, address and phone number). With Excel report, managers can easily see how much resources they use on each site and calculate the cost of the project.
  • User management – As the site manager, you want to have control over what each worker see in the app. With this feature, you can assign each worker to a particular site. That means a worker that is assigned to Site A will not be able to see any reports from Site B. The feature also give site managers the ability to add/remove users from their network. User management gives structure to your team and the company on a whole.

We collected feedback from our users and implemented changes to offer an experience that is painless for construction workers to perform swiftly when searching for relevant content and features that are most important to them. The modifications made to the web app will give users a seamless experience across both desktop and mobile devices.

The new web app is built around two significant improvements:

  • More intuitive – The navigation and design are dramatically simplified so that users have the same experience across mobile and desktop. The new design brings an app-like experience to your web browser. Just like the mobile app, users can create a new event in less than 90 seconds.
  • Easy navigation – In the primary navigation section, users can access work sites, global resources and user management. Therefore users are able to jump between sections without any headache.

In 2016, Site Diary was used to create over 160,000 events by both the largest and smallest construction companies. Get your free trial today and start saving time and money on daily construction reports.