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Does construction apps really simplify our daily work ?

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We all purchase things to solve a problem, make our lives easier and be more productive. The construction industry is in a transition period to move from paper to digital because digital offers far greater advantages than paper. It seems like every day there are new construction apps popping up with the promises of enhancing productivity, saving time among many other promises. Yet there is still more than 70% of construction workers in the UK still using paper. There is no doubt that majority of these construction apps increase productivity and efficiency when compared to paper but are they easy to use. The construction industry is resisting this transition from paper to digital mainly because workers believe that digital will make their lives more complicated. Having “easy to use” apps can make this transition much smoother and much faster.

What is “easy to use”?

When talking about simplifying our lives one must consider the ease of use of the app. “Ease of use” is a term that has been loosely used by the various different construction app providers. If you need to have a 1-hour training session to learn how to use an app then it’s probably not easy to use. When I think of “ease of use”, I think if I can learn how to use the app in a few minutes on my own. This will cause the adaptation period to be short and save you valuable time. Also, getting your entire team to use the app will be easy as well.

An Example of a simple construction app

Site Diary is a truly an easy to use app. This was part of our core value when we were developing the app. 1 in every day 62 persons who download Site Diary app ask a question about how to use the app. We have made it so easy that a site engineer can generate a custom report in less than 2 minutes.

This is what a customer had to say, “Ease of use”. “Ability to set up a project template quickly and easily. Ability to setup multiple diaries for projects within a global program. Ability to work offline.” – Christopher Crabtree, Senior Engineer, Costain

I invite you to watch this 1 minute video of how quick and easy it is to create a new report with Site Diary. Also, I would like you to give it a go and see for yourself how simple Site Diary is. Try Now