Site Diary 1.5.0 release

Site Diary 1.5.0 update with new Daily & Weekly Summary PDF Reports and much more

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Birmingham, July 30, 2019

Site Diary is announcing today an update to its app which includes new daily and weekly summary pdf reports, redesign event creation form, a new event preview. Everything we did is based on user request in order to improve the value the app brings to our users and for the users to have a better experience while using the app on a daily basis.

PDF Reports

We have introduced two new forms of reports to the app which are daily and weekly summary reports. The daily summary report will compile all events recorded for a particular day and site into one report. While the weekly summary report will compile events recorded for the week into one report (except photos). That way you can have a quick overview of what happening on-site each day or week.

Site Diary weekly summary reports

Other pdf report improvements

We have also cleaned up the pdf reports with the following.

  • Time is shown in local time instead of always UTC time
  • Deleted events shouldn’t be shown in reports
  • Reports should be exported in chronological order
  • The report will not have an extra page at the end
  • The report will not show fields that weren’t filled in
  • If no time wasn’t entered for the manpower or equipment then it will not show 00:000.00, instead it will be left blank
  • When you add a paragraph in the notes/comments of the event form, the report will show the paragraph as well
  • Tags will not be shown on the PDF reports

Mobile app diary module

We also made several changes to the mobile app diary module. These are the list of changes we made.

New event creation form: We separated the field into sections so it is much easier to navigate and you only need to fill what you require. There are only 3 mandatory things that need to be filled, date & time, weather and title. The weather field will be automatically filled based on your site location. However, you can change the location of the weather by clicking on the weather.

New date & time picker: Yes, we know the old date and time picker was a little bit difficult to use on a daily basis. This is why we have changed it to a much easier date & time picker.

New event preview: This is a new feature in the app which will allow you to preview and event before editing it. Therefore, we have made it easier for you to see what you have filled in the form. Also, there are clearly visible buttons at the top of the screen to share or duplicate an event.

We added a little fun twist to the event preview by allowing the colours at the top of the screen to change depending on the state of the event. So if the event is approved it will change to green and if it is rejected, it will change to red.

Site Diary Event Preview approved Site Diary event preview pending

To test these updates or other features, log in to your account or sign up for a new free trial.

About Site Diary

Site Diary was first developed by Swedish company Appear Network in 2014 as a part of the European-Union-funded MobiCloud Project. This first Site Diary was developed in conjunction with Costain and COMIT.

In 2016, French construction software developer Script&Go acquired Site Diary as a part of its strategy for international expansion as well as addressing the needs of field workers.

Since the acquisition by Script&Go, Site Diary is being used by more than 6,000 construction workers in 94 countries and more than 240,000 diary records were created between 2016 and 2018.

Site Diary is a construction diary and task-management app that keep records of everything that happens on site while having visibility on work progress.


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