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Improving the productivity of the construction and infrastructure sector through mobile digital solutions

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After seven years of significant development and growth in Europe and the Americas, Script&Go is proud to launch a new series of whitepapers relating to each of the business sectors it participates in. Today these sectors include Construction and Real Estate, Energy & Utilities, Manufacturing & Transport and Telecoms. Script&Go expects the number of fields it serves to grow in time and is ready to serve them and their stakeholders today. The first paper of the series is “Improving the productivity of the construction and infrastructure sector through mobile digital solutions.” It provide a fresh overview of the global challenges and opportunities relating to construction productivity in the wider construction/infrastructure sector today.

Why is the construction productivity issue important ?

The productivity issue is the most pertinent issue confronting society today. A vicious productivity cycle prevails that urgently needs to convert to become a virtuous cycle in order to achieve better societal outcomes. In the construction and infrastructure sector this equates to faster project delivery times, improved quality, decreased risk, reduced waste, increased wealth and enhanced well-being.

Why is the productivity of the wider construction sector of interest ?

The first paper relates to the construction and infrastructure sector, as this sector is marked with the lowest productivity and therefore in most need of improvement for better societal outcomes. These outcomes include not only the need to improve overall personal or corporate wealth of the worlds’ citizens and organisations but also to improve the quality of the built and natural environment they live and work in.

It also builds on an industry survey Script&Go carried out in 2017. This survey revealed particular needs for improvement in risk management and quality control, particularly during the construction phase of a project, as well as needs to improve the image of the sector and communication and collaboration between its stakeholders.

Why are mobile digital solutions necessary ?

Productivity-enhancing solutions, that are both mobile and digital, such as their own, represent the way forward. We recognise that their use can add value (by enhancing sustainability and well-being, collaboration and communication) and save resources (in terms of human labour and material cost factors) to improve the productivity of the construction and infrastructure sector today.

Draw on our experience by downloading our whitepaperImproving the productivity of the construction and infrastructure sector through mobile digital solutions” and learn how your organisational management processes can become more productive.