How to delete an approved diary entry/event?

Once a diary entry/event is approved it cannot be edited or deleted. The approve button works as a signature. This is due to the legal value that a site diary has we ensure the authenticity of the entries once they have been approved.

How do I change the weather units?

The weather unit is based on your device or browser language. Here is how you change the device language on smartphones or tablet.

How do I delete an organisation?

To delete an organisation is very simpler to how you create one. Just click on the pencil icon to edit the organisation and you will see a delete button at he bottom. Learn how to create spaces and sites

What are the different types of user rights?

In the app there are several user rights. At company level, there are 3 rights, Admin, Manager and User. At site level, there are 2 rights, supervisor and member. All the rights have a different access and different view in the app. Learn how to manage users

What is the meaning of ‘TAG’ in the app?

Tags plays an important role in the Site Diary app. If used correctly, it can be a very powerful field to categorise your diary entries and task. Learn how to use tags

Can i add pictures in Site Diary app?

Yes you can. See the video tutorial

How many Sites can be added?

You can add as many sites as you like.

How i can invite my team members?

Site Diary has made it easy for you to add people on your team. You can add as many people as possible by following these simple steps for the organisation screen. Learn how to manage users

Can all my team see all diary entries on the same site?

User who has the rights of “member” in the app can only see the diary entries that they created. Users with the rights higher than “member” can see all events created. How can I change status from Approved to Pending in diary? How do I delete a diary I have approved?

Can I enter dates in the future for the diary?

No. A diary entry can only be entered for the present day or a day in the past. The reason is because a diary is meant to record what happened not was is going to happen.

How do I delete a site?

Click on the site that you would like to delete. Then click on site settings and you will see the delete button at the bottom of the screen

Do I get charged more for an admin?

No, all user rights are the same price.

How many admins can I have in an organisation?

As many as you would like.

Can I transfer ownership/administration rights of an organisation?

Yes, when you invite a user, you can choose to make them an administrator. Here is how you do it

I am a labour/trade and I do multiple jobs per week for different companies and projects. Will I need to pay for all those organisations?

No, the administrator/owners of those organisations will pay. Any organisations you create, you will pay for.

If I create multiple organizations, will I only be charged for one organization?

  • No, you will be charged for all the organisations that you own. So if you own 3 organizations, you will be charged per user for each of the organisation.
  • If someone invites you to join and work in their organisation, then you won’t pay for that organisation.

What counts as a user ?

A user is anyone who has login details (username and password) for the mobile app and back office.

How can I make my payment ?

Payments can be made via our online store or by wire transfer. Wire transfer details is placed on your invoice. The online store accepts all major credit cards.

Who is Site Diary for ?

The product is for contractors, sub-contractors and construction companies both large and small who want to have a better team collaboration and save time on daily reports.

Can I scubscribe for a year but pay monthly ?

You can subscribe for 1 year but make your payments in 3 times (three consecutive months)

If I subscribe for 1 year can I cancel before period ends ?

Yes you can. However, no refund will be issued

Can I change my subscripion plan ?

Yes, you can change your subscription plan as soon as the current plan finishes.

What happens after my trial ends ?

When your trial ends your account will downgrade to the free version.